Dragonkeeper (2024)

Leaving her home, she sets off into the unknown, guided by cryptic dreams and the whispers of the ancients. Her path is laden with peril, taking her through dense forests, over rugged mountains, and across treacherous rivers. Each obstacle she faces is a test of her resolve and resourcefulness. Along the way, she encounters both friends and foes. An enigmatic sage offers her wisdom and cryptic advice, while a band of outlaws, moved by her quest, pledge their swords to her cause. Follow Hurawatch Animation Movies for more.

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Title: Dragonkeeper (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Animation, Adventure, Fantasy
Director: Jianping Li, Salvador Simó
Writer: Carole Wilkinson, Pablo I. Castrillo, Ignacio Ferreras
Stars: Mario Gas, Lucía Pérez, Nano Castro